I provide you with the highest quality fine art prints.   Photos are printed on the high quality archival paper creating prints that have clarity, contrast and vibrant colors. 


Product Mounting Choices:

Although metal and floatplaqs represent my most popular mounting options, there are a varity of  mounting options available upon request such as: wood, canvas, acrylic, stone and traditional frame, glass and matting.


Metal prints

My most popular mounting option is a Metal print.   Metal prints represent a new art medium for preserving images by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The image is infused into the surface and not on it, the image will take on a almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily. This product is UV protected.  There are several mounts for metal prints.  Typically, A Float Mount Hanger is attached to the back of the print, and floats the print 1/2" off the wall, or a Gallery Frame Stand Out Mount offers a contemporary look while adding a strong, rigid base floats the metal print 1 inch off the wall creating a unique standout look. Although metal prints are ready to hang as is, framing around the metal print is an option.  If you are interested in framing your metal print, I’m happy to provide that information and pricing upon request.

Float (plaq) mounts

Float mounts are fine art prints that are professionally mounted on an acid free 3/8” high density eco friendly, wood substrate with a 3/16” black beveled edge, resulting in a modern and elegant durable piece. The print surface is sealed with a special fine art grade satin laminate finish that eliminates unwanted reflections while maintaining excellent clarity, contrast and vibrant colors. As a result of the satin finish, the piece of art work is UV protected and moisture resistant. FloatPlaqs hang 3/4” off of the wall to give your art dimension and appear as if it is floating. All pieces arrive ready to hang with a French cleat hanging system.  Although float mounts are ready to hang as is, framing around the float is an option.  Float frames use the same process as the float mounts but includes a frame that the image appears to float inside, creating a blend between traditional and contemporary processes.  If you are interested in framing your float mount, I happy to provide that information and pricing upon request.


Care: You can simply wipe the surface of the Metal or  FloatPlaq with normal glass cleaner (non alcohol) and a clean cloth. For grease and heavier debris the manufacture recommends using Denatured Alcohol.



Sizes and Pricing

(Please contact me for pricing on sizes that fit your needs, if not listed below. To order a photo, please use  the Contact page and place your order request in the questions and comments field.)



            8x12"                                                                         11x14”

            Print only-$50                                                            Print only-$75

Float mounted - $100                                               Float mounted-$125

Metal Print- $95                                                     Metal Print-$100


            16x24"                                                                        20x30”

Print only- $100                                                          Print only-$150

Float mounted - $295                                                Float mounted-$395

Metal Print- $325                                                        Metal Print-$395


            24x36"                                                                        30x45”

Print only - $195                                                         Print only-$295

Float mounted - $695                                                Float mounted- $995

Metal  print- $750                                                      Metal print- $1095


           40x60"                                                                        12x36” Panorama

Print only - $595                                                         Print only-$150

Float mounted - $1695                                               Float mounted - $395

Metal print- $1995                                                       Metal print - $495


           24x48" Panorama                                                     24x60” Panorama

Print only - $395                                                         Print only - $495

Float mounted - $895                                                 Float mounted - $1195

Metal print- $995                                                        Metal Print - $1395


           30x60" Panorama                                                     24x60”  Triptych *

Print only - $595                                                         Print only - $595

Float mounted - $1495                                               Float mounted- $1595

Metal print - $1695                                                     Metal Print - $1995



*(A Triptych is a photo that is divided into three sections.  Typically, the photo is divided into equal size panels. Although there are various options such as a larger middle panel which is flanked by two equal-sized smaller panels).